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Established in 2021, our mission was clear: introduce delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine to the streets with a twist. Growing up in the Midwest as a child of the 90s, I was exposed to a variety of unique foods. While my parents weren’t necessarily foodies—my dad hailed from a farm and my mom’s go-to dishes were hamburger helper and casseroles—they instilled in me a love for cooking amidst the chaos of raising six children involved in sports, band, and various other activities. My culinary passion was sparked by observing my uncles, who dabbled in the pizza business. Inspired, I knew my calling was to open a restaurant.

So why walking tacos? It all began with the universal appeal of tacos, which were a staple at my high school graduation party. Tacos transcend diets, restrictions, and cultural backgrounds—there’s simply no party where tacos aren’t welcomed with open arms.

As fate would have it, I crossed paths with a talented chef named Joseph. During one of our conversations, he recounted his experience at a family reunion in the heart of America, where he first encountered a walking taco. Now, I understand the skepticism—turning a bag of Doritos into a taco sounds unconventional. But let me assure you, our walking tacos are a different breed. Crafted with care and creativity, we forgo the typical Doritos bag in favor of infusing each creation with heart and soul. Whether you’re intrigued by our unique take on the walking taco or prefer traditional street taco catering, rest assured—we’ve got you covered with love and flavor in every bite.

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The Walking Taco is proud to be operated under Food Truck Avenue, a one-stop shop for all your event and catering needs. Food Truck Avenue operates numerous of Colorado’s favorite food trucks under one umbrella. Food Truck Avenue provides next-level catering for breweries, parties, weddings, and workplace events. Between our diverse menus and our friendly service, we are constantly rated as the best local food trucks for a reason. Reach out today and find out why for yourself!

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